A Reliable Dell Support Services By Vcares247 Pvt Ltd

Dell laptops as gadgets are extremely stylish and smart looking. But then again in spite of possessing a high utility and reliability quotient, even Dell laptops are subject to their own share of failures every now and then. Situations wherein techies from leading tech support entity such as Vcares247 come in good towards resolving all issues on hand.  In fact, as it goes all technicians are Microsoft-certified and are always ready to provide expert support 24×7 in the shortest time span possible.

Dell Support

Dell Support

Vcares247 strives to be amongst the best:

At Techasta, the army of techies has solutions on hand for all issues plaguing Dell laptops and desktops. They take all due care in the world to ensure a range of issues like Blue Screen errors, Windows Installation errors and factory restoration settings are resolved as an when the tech support team is called upon to do so. Yet, at the same instance all printer issues such as spooling, installation and general trouble shooting associated with Dell brand of laptops are resolved as and when they tend to crop up. As it goes any quick execution along with complete elimination of issues ends up making Vcares247 a very well known entity in the world of technical support. The organization while audacity of 90% first call resolution, remote assistance for swift and total solutions, unbeatable price and 24×7 online support indeed becomes a one-stop destination for all those who seek Dell Laptop Support at all times.

Dell Laptop Support climbs a higher pedestal with Vcares247:

The top-mark excellence of Dell Laptop products have managed to set up a benchmark that would be anything but hard to attain. Further, as it goes with every Dell laptop bestowed with an assortment of superlative features, care is taken to ensure PC users would end up getting nothing but improved reliability and utility. And in the overall scheme of things as it goes the all new 9 Series, with avant-garde characteristics such as fast processing with 2nd Generation Intel Core™ i5 Processor and Fast Start technology ends up redefining the technology experience for all PC users. A case wherein it would be safe to say that the whole range of Dell products only end up finding an expert troubleshooter in Vcares247.

Vcares247 is an Ideal Support for Online Security Essentials

Security support is one of those services which every PC user looks for. For the simple reason being the service is anything but considered as perfect to keep a PC up and running at all times no matter what and for the medium even though rich in information is a open drain of everything one wouldn’t consider short of evil in IT jargon. Home to viruses, Trojans, bugs, root kits and malware; the smallest chink in the security apparatus can for sure leave one scurrying for cover.

Online Security Support

Online Security Support

Use Vcares247 Remove Malware Issues:

Malw has for sure found its ultimate retribution in the form of
Vcares247. Considered to be a haven for the best of the rear technical professionals around, the tech support provider is at the forefront in terms of security support. Providing Online securitysupport services round-the-clock, it is considered to be an entity on which PC users can readily rely upon for quick redressed of any security concerns.

Best Technical Support:

Hackers beware! Techasta and its young Team are always ready to unleash a storm of security solutions. With solutions stretching from Virus Removal to Spyware Removal, Adware Removal to Malware Removal, Firewall Support to Popup Blocker, Computer Worm Removal to Trojan Horse Removal and Backdoor Trojan Removal to System Restore, hacking is sure going to be one of those things which would be anything but way off target. Thus, allowing PC users to breathe easy and better still shrugging of any imminent worries of a security failure to the backburner.

Affordable and Fast Online Technical Support :

With security support packages starting at highly cost-effective rates, PC owners have got a good number of reasons to celebrate and they can take solace in the fact that all their security issues would be resolved in the shortest time span possible and that too without ever very strong a hole in their pocket. What’s more, round-the-clock support and the ability to provide help via remote chat also goes on to ensure an exceptionally high rate of success at every possible stage.

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Online Computer Technical Support By Vcares247.

Exemplary online computer support awaits PC users round-the-clock at Vcares247:

Technical Support

Technical Support

Are you struggling with issues intending to play havoc with your PC? Better still are you searching around hard for a service provider who can resolve the most stringent of issues in the shortest time span possible? If yes, look no further than
Vcares247; for the entity is counted as one of the elite tech support providers striving to resolve the toughest computing issues via cutting-edge remote tech support services provided by its Microsoft-certified techies. In every way or the other, striving hard to provide the best computer support that guarantees true customer satisfaction.

Why is it got to be Vcares247 for tech help?

At Vcares247, the endeavor is to build long term relationships with clients through plans which at the same instance ensure specialized maintenance of PC’s at amazingly low prices. What’s more, if that does not do it then clients are always at a liberty to select plans which would end up being in line with their overall expectations. Then again whether it is Quarterly Support or Monthly Support plans, they are bound to receive exemplary online tech support for their PC no matter what.

Further, as it ends up being the case, PC users can’t tend to afford any downtime. At the same time, nor can they go ahead and invest in dead-end technologies, or at the same time put up with latent inefficiencies. Meanwhile, on the other hand, all we can end up saying is that when you have an entity such as Vcares247 at your side; you need not really worry for everything is taken care off at the end of the day.

Cutting-edge online tech support Portfolio awaits PC users at Vcares247:

From day-to-day troubleshooting to ongoing monitoring, Vcares247 and its elite brand of techies are always ready to carry out troubleshooting of PCs, laptops, peripheral devices, non-functioning software on a need per basis. In fact, as it goes doing everything and anything possible within their scope to provide an array of solutions tailored to a client’s specific requirements.

Overall, the long-term objective to ensure clients end up being recipients of a highly dependable, all-inclusive service for all their requirements at what one would consider as truly cost-effective prices.  In short, all we can say is at Vcares247 online computer technical support professionals and live tech support professionals   who work hard to ensure PC users would end up getting through any basic PC setup, software configuration and troubleshooting process in the most flawless manner possible.

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Google+ Sees 1400% Growth In Brand Followers Since December

Brands on Google+ are seeing tremendous growth in followers, according to a new report from SEO and digital marketing startup BrightEdge.

Google+ was famously closed to brands when it launched, something that changed with the launch of Google+ Pages in November. Now, the number of users following the top 100 brands on Google+ has increased 1400 percent, from 220,000 in December to 3.1 million in February, BrightEdge says.

In fact, the top brand, H&M, has more followers now (462,000) than all of the top 100 did in December. The report says most of the growth is happening in the top 10 brands, who have 10 times as many followers as brands 11-100 combined. BrightEdge CEO Jim Yu says that on social networks, it’s not unusual for bigger brands to dominate, but the degree to which that’s true for Google+ is “a little unusual.”

Yu describes this growth as a natural step in the evolution of brands on the site. First, they had to create Pages. Now they’re amassing followers. Once they have those followers, they can start thinking about different ways to engage those fans. (So it may also be too early to start looking at other types of engagement data.)

Another sign of maturity and growth, Yu says, the fact Google is no longer the most-followed brand (although it’s still in the top 10). The report also highlights a few of the brands that don’t have a presence on Google+ at all, including Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Apple.

Oh, and just to give some perspective, the report says the consumers interacting with the top 100 brands on Google+ still add up to less than 1 percent of the number on Facebook.

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Google Will Still Support The Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Earlier this afternoon Droid-Life noticed something strange: the Android developer devices page had been modified to remove the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, leading the site to question whether Google may have removed support for the device because of its spat with Verizon over Google Wallet.  Which would stand to infuriate a lot of new Galaxy Nexus users (including myself), who are looking forward to receiving device updates directly from Google and not having to wait for Verizon to get around to pushing their own releases.

Thankfully, we’ve confirmed this isn’t the case: Google says it will indeed be updating the Verizon Galaxy Nexus in the future.

Turns out Droid Life made a bit of a logical leap, as the page stated that No CDMA Devices were supported any more, and other devices including the Sprint Nexus S 4G had been removed as well. In response to the post, Google has written a clarification to the Android Contributors group, in which it explains that CDMA devices are being removed from the Android Open Source Project site because they need carrier-signed .apk files (which users can’t generate). Here’s the post:

Hello! This is a quick clarification about support for CDMA devices.

For various technical reasons, recent CDMA Android devices implement core telephony functionality in .apk files provided in binary form by the carriers. To function correctly, these .apk files must be signed by the so-called “platform” key. However, when an individual creates a custom build from the AOSP source code, they don’t use the same signing key as these CDMA flies were signed with.

The result is that these files don’t work properly, and pure AOSP builds running on these devices can’t place calls, access mobile data, and so on. Because we aim to make sure that we are as clear as possible about the degree of support that devices have, we updated the docs over at source.android.com to reflect this reality.

We will still make available as many as possible of the closed-source binaries for these devices, and Nexus devices will continue to have unlockable bootloaders. And, of course, GSM/HSPA+ devices are still supported, as are any other devices we’re able to support. We’ve simply updated the documentation to be clearer about the current extent of CDMA support.

We are of course always working to improve support, and we’ll keep everyone updated as we make improvements. Thanks as always for your interest in AOSP!

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Heyzap Announces Mobile Gaming Partners: PocketGems And More

Gaming startup Heyzap first launched its social discovery service for mobile games nearly a year ago. Now it’s unveiling the first list of partners who are using the service.

Some of these partnerships weren’t exactly a secret before — you could just open up the Heyzap app and see which games were available. But now the startup is really trumpeting those partnerships, in part to show off some of the big names who are buying into its vision.

“Foursquare has its location network, Instagram has its picture network, Socialcam has its version of that,” says co-founder Jude Gomila. “No one’s really built the gaming community yet. They’ve done it in hardcore gaming … but no one’s done it for the Angry Birds and Farmville generation.”

Specifically, with the Heyzap Android and iOS apps, users can share the mobile games they’re playing by checking in, and they can also find new games and new people to play with.

Heyzap says it now partners with a total of more than 800 game developers. The new partner list includes Spacetime Studios (which integrates Heyzap into Pocket Legends and Star Legends), Nubee (Japan Life), PocketGems (Tap Zoo and Tap Zoo: Santa’s Quest), Bionic Panda Games (Aqua Pets), Magma Mobile (Bubble Blast Sports and MatchUp People), Digital Chocolate (Millionaire City), GameDuell (Fluffy Birds), Animoca (Pretty Pet Salon and My Car Salon), Fluik (Office Jerk and Office Zombie), Get Set Games (Mega Jump), BBC (Torchwood: Web of Lies), and Vostu (Elemental andMeow).

Note: Heyzap is a social discovery platform for mobile and the largest social network for Android/iPhone mobile gamers. Heyzap is based on San Francisco and was founded in 2009 by Jude Gomila and Immad Akhund. Heyzap provides users with a way to check-in to their favorite games, discover games and join a massive community of mobile gamers. Heyzap allows users to let other gamers know what they are playing, leave or browse tips for their favorite games, and earn badges

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Computer Malware Removal by Vcares247 Solution.

The World Wide Web as a destination is highly appreciated and coveted by net lovers. For as a platform it ends up being home to an plentiful supply of entertainment, information, resources and freebies intended to take one’s computing experience to the next level. But somehow sadly, this is where the buck tends to stop. And in real time as thought about the medium is not really an unlimited buffet of secure open source software and Bollywood-styled musicals starring LOL cats as many netizens end up thinking of it.

Solution by Techasta:

Techasta Malware Removal Support

Techasta Malware Removal Support

In real time, the net is home to all sorts of people and organizations looking forward to larceny personal data, hijacking computers and creating a disturbance by using malicious software. So, in order to get you better adapted and acquainted, at Vcares247 our team of antimalware and adware support professionals have highlighted top malware tools which work towards eliminating applications harboring any ill intentions for your PC.

Super Antispyware:

Available in freeware and premium editions like Malwarebytes, the USP of antimalware support and adware support m malware removal tool  lies in its compatibility with other applications such as Avira, Kaspersky, Symantec, and McAfee. Depending on the situation on hand, it can also be run alongside other tools without any sort of a conflict. However, all said and done, the levels of restrictions on the freeware edition are considerably higher as it is only restricted to on-demand scanning and malware removal On the other hand, the premium version of the application includes real-time scanning, registry protection, a scheduling service, auto-scan on startup and predefined diagnostics for stopping malware infections before they end up spreading.


A Spartan application to say the least, all that a user is required to do is to download ComboFix and run it. Once done, the application ends up taking care of things on its own. The basic ComboFix process starts by backing up the registry, checking to see if a Windows Recovery Console is installed and from there on scanning the system via 40 plus stages.

Anti-Malware Support:

With Malwarebytes’ flagship application antimalware considered as a shareware malware-removal tool, the only principle difference between the free and premium version of the application lies in the real-time monitoring process. In situations where active scanning against threats is not required; the free version while using the same database does an admirable job in ferreting out infections.

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Network support by Vcares247

It surely goes without saying the most high up chink in an IT security

Network Support

Network Support

chain is the user itself. Truly, an philosophy that at the end of the day also holds true for network threats as well as devices. Thus, bringing to light as to why highly trained and capable m are the need of the hour for providing expert network support round-the-clock.

Relationship between network support and an enterprise:

Corporate bigwig bluster of a large number of employees tends to rely on expensive professional networking equipment and highly trained professionals to provide network support. But the set-up totally becomes different for those enterprises where the workstations come down to inadequate 10-15 nodes. Let alone hiring network support professionals even buying expensive network equipment is anything but a far fetched proposition.

And if that’s not all while going on t a residential front and expecting a home user to seize knowledge about network management and equipment such as routers and hubs in all prospect would be nothing less of a joke.

Smaller is Better:

Smaller Network devices are better they are and all one needs to do is to just go ahead and plug them into a network. But then again the question cropping up would be as to how protected the default settings of such network devices are and are they really worth using without modification their default configurations. Well, in most cases the answer would be a big booming NO! Since, such devices can pose a big threat to the security because the passwords are not all that difficult to splinter. Further, the maker also may go ahead and enable remote administration by default or even create a hidden administrative account that can be used by technical support

On the other hand most of the current modern household routers are enabled which essentially means one has the chance to change router settings sans any confirmation. Presenting an opportunity wherein it becomes very easy to go on and take control of non-technical users as well as happy-go-lucky professionals.

Unfortunately, as the set-up is even the most caring of users cannot make a assurance towards making their equipment 100% secure. Thus, a point wherein it may be argued network support provided by some of the best professionals in the IT industry is the only way out.  Again one of those situations which to say the very least is tailor-made for an organization such as Vcares247.

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Raise your PC Performance with Vcares247 Solution

Computers are the heart of every venture. Whether used for a commercial or a residential purpose, the ability of the gadget to perform complex operations with flawless ease ensures things would predict well. But then again all this and more to quite a great extent is also dependent on the fact how much attention you are willing to give to your PC. A feat which at the end of the day may very well require one to go on and source expert computer support from a premier tech support provider such as Vcares247.

Tech Support

Tech Support

Give your PC a twist every now and then

Prepared to always act as a ready and able partner in those times of contingencies, Vcares247 thinks it is its moral duty to recommend some handy troubleshooting steps for saving your PC from its ultimate downfall. So, just go on, read the steps, follow them and in case if things do slip out of hand give a call to the round-the-clock techies of the activist concern for putting things back in perspective.

However, just to further let you know all steps mentioned in this article are for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. However, the listed procedures end up working well for other Windows OS also, with some slight variations from version to version. So, what are you waiting for just go ahead and put your bore cap on and start troubleshooting. To start with:

Clean up disk errors:

In a case where a program crashes or a PC shuts down suddenly due to a power outage, the hard disk or the hard drive gets corrupted. Using a utility such as check disk program, go ahead and identify as well as clean all such errors which are slowing down the system. Running the utility once in a week should keep your PC in good health.

Deleting Temporary files:

As and when you go onto the internet and browse web pages your computer ends up storing a lot of temporary files which are considered to be standard for running such sites. Overtime such files can bring down your computer’s speed by a long way. Once again using a utility such as disk cleanup tool you can remove these redundant files from your PC. Running the efficacy once every week is good enough to keep your computer in pink of health.

Data Optimization:

Whenever you end up downloading updates to a program they are stored in memory sectors separate from that of the main program. And as and when a PC user decides to run the program the OS tries to piece together the split pieces with the main program, with effect causing the PC to run much slower than its expected speed.

Following the aforesaid steps would be good enough to allow a PC to function at an most favorable level.  However, for all those PC users who still feel their PC is still absent in performance can go ahead and get in touch with a premier tech support provider. And in that regards what better name than Vcares247 could be suggested to take care of all their expectations.

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Take your web experience to a new high with VCares247 Solutions

Has slow internet connection off late started to leave you annoyed? Or better still on the other hand a slow browsing speed has ended up putting a spanner in your overall experience with the World Wide Web.  If yes, it is about time you took be in command of of things and restored things back to their old glory with a few easy steps. So, then what’s the wait for just go in advance and give your browser support it truly deserves with these easy to follow methods. Starting with:

Transfer multiple files by compressing them:

Technical Support

Technical Support

In case if you are transferring multiple files over the net for a single project then try and  constrict them by using a compression utility. One of the most commonly available software on the Web such as WinZip not only reduces the time required to transfer the files but also ensures files sitting inside the Inbox occupy little space.

Accentuating  speed by turning off graphics on a browser:

A good majority of sites on the net are disposed to use high-end graphics for attracting natives. However, one can always turn off such graphics to enlarge the internet speed.

Open sites faster by increasing the cache size:

Ask any browser support professionals and he would tell you that the best way to increase the download speed can be done by increasing the cache size. Doing so would mean that your PC won’t have to work harder while revisiting web pages. All the more such a step would mean that images would be downloaded faster on a computer thus decreasing the overall time it takes to open up a Web page.

Decrease your email size with simple email signatures:

Highly elaborative email signatures inclusive of images can further increase the overall download time for an email. To not only reduce this time but also making signatures unique and presentable, one should use a variety of fonts, type sizes and colors.

Offline browsing by saving pages on a computer:

In case if you need to visit a web page frequently, saving the same page offline might just put you in good stead. Even if one were to lose the connection or better still would have been working on a slower browser, this simple and easy technique may really end up saving your time.

Following such steps might just enable you to not only increase the speed of your internet but also allow you to optimize the speed of your browser like never before. But then again somehow if you feel such steps are not making a big difference maybe it is about time you got in touch with a team of technically blessed and proficient breed of browser support professionals out there. And in that regards who would be better than a premier tech support provider such as VCares247.

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